Our Philosophy

Spirited Grape believes that with knowledge, comes exploration and with exploration, comes new discoveries. By expanding your wine knowledge, you will open a whole new world to explore and discover. Come discover a new wine today.

What We Do

Spirited Grape, based in Providence Rhode Island, is the premier Wine Education Center for New England offering both industry recognized wine certification programs, proprietary Building Block™ Classes and Master Classes.

Spirited Grape offers industry recognized wine certification programs which have been developed by internationally recognized organizations including; Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET), The Society of Wine Educators (SWE), as well as other organizations that specialize in regional wine certifications.  These wine certifications are recognition of the level of commitment the wine professional has towards their personal career development as well as the entire wine industry.  Individuals that receive a professional certification raise the level of proficiency in the wine industry and ultimately assist the industry by elevating the knowledge base of everyone they interact with throughout their career.

Spirited Grape’s Building Block™ Classes are for anyone new to wine or just want an enjoyable educational class that includes wine.  Classes include topics such as; Wine Essentials, How to Taste Like A Pro, Wine and Food Pairing, etc. Spirited Grape’s Master Classes build on a person’s wine knowledge by digging dipper into a specific wine region, spirits category and advanced tastings. These classes are perfect for either the wine enthusiast or wine professional.

Who We Are

Chief Education Officer

Chief Education Officer

Brenda Audino, DipWSET, CWE, SGD

Brenda is a wine industry veteran as well as certified instructor who has recently moved to Providence from Napa, California.  

  • One of only 9,000 Wine & Spirit Education Trust Diploma holders in the world

  • WSET Certified Educator

  • Certified Wine Educator from the Society of Wine Educators

  • Over ten years’ experience as a wine buyer for a large retail chain

  • Managed distribution channels for small boutique wineries

  • Over fifteen years in management

  • Technology minded

Brenda, the founder and Chief Education Officer of Spirited Grape. is passionate about wine and shares this passion by educating, writing and consulting for the wine industry.  She holds the Diploma in Wine and Spirits (DWS), the highest certification from the London based Wine & Spirit Education Trust, is a Certified Wine Educator (CWE) from the Society of Wine Educators and holds the Sommelier Diploma (SGD) from the International Sommelier Guild.

Brenda enjoys traveling and has been to the wine regions of France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Australia as well as most of the major wine producing areas in the United States.  She shares these travel journeys through pictures and stories in her classes.

VP of misc. Stuff

VP of misc. Stuff

Anthony Audino

Anthony has spent the last 30 years focusing on sales, marketing and business development within the life scientific industry.  Although he is working full-time within his chosen industry, for Spirited Grape he is responsible for all miscellaneous activities; assigned or not!  He is also furthering his studies towards a Spirit Certification.  

He has traveled extensively throughout the world; and during many of these trips he has enjoyed the local libations.   From Baijiu in China, to Pisco in Peru; from Durif in Australia, to Cabernet in Washington State. Anthony has been fortunate to have enjoyed tasting many of these fine and unique beverages.   

Director of Relaxation

Director of Relaxation


Zulie has spent her lifetime perfecting the ability to seek out places to relax and enjoy the sun rays. She knows life is stressful, so she reminds us all to relax and enjoy the journey.