Wine Building Block™ Master Classes - When you want to dig deeper, discover the unknown and taste the unexpected.

Classes starting this Summer 2019.  Join the Grapevine for class information and schedules.


Do you know what makes Oregon Pinot Noir unique? Is it the climate, the soil or the clone? Delve into the nuances of Willamette Valley Pinot Noir with an Oregon native.

BORDEAUX                                                          What makes Bordeaux truly special?  It’s all about the blend!  Discover the grape varieties used, explore the appellation differences and identify the six wine families of Bordeaux.  Taste wines from all six families

NORTHERN RHONE                                            Although smaller than Chateauneuf-du-Pape, the Northern Rhone has tons of diversity!  From Syrah to Viognier, there is something special about this region.  Explore and taste the wines of the Northern Rhone from top to bottom.

WINE LAB (BLIND TASTING WORKSHOP)              Are you prepping for an upcoming exam or are you just trying to keep your skills sharp? Join us as we blind taste a selection of wines from our Coravin selection.  Lively discussion guaranteed to follow!

Do you know the diversity of Washington State? East of the mountains is a whole different world than the Seattle everyone knows. Discover the weather, dirt and vines within the unique viticultural areas that make up Washington's East Side.

PIEDMONT NEBBIOLOS                                          Can you tell your Barolo from your Barbaresco? What about Ghemme vs Gattinara? Don't even get me started about value wines like Langhe Nebbiolo or Nebbiolo d'Alba.  Learn and taste these differences.

PINOT NOIR, THE COOL GRAPE                          From England to Tasmania, from South Africa to Canada.... Review the regions Pinot Noir does well then taste - blind.  Can you identify where they are from?

Do you have an interest in a region or grape variety? Drop us a line to add to our growing list of classes currently under development.